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Tree House Journal Updates:
~ Walked around the woods looking for a suitable tree. (Hannah and Aunt Dana)

~ Built bridge and laid it across creek  (Hannah, Aunt Dana and Pat)

~ Attached 2x4's to tree for ladder\steps to get up into tree  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)

~ Placed bottom floor supports (2x8's) on either side of tree (Hannah, Aunt Dana, Emily, and Sarah)

~ Cut floor joists (2x8's) and nailed hangers to joists. (Hannah and Aunt Dana)

~ Put up floor frame (Hannah, Aunt Dana and Pat)

~ Put up floor supports  (Pat and Aunt Dana)

~ Put two pieces of plywood down for the floor (Hannah, Nina, and Aunt Dana)

4/24/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we managed to get one more piece of plywood down for the floor.

5/3/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Went to Tim's house today to pick up the wood he tore out of his garage during renovations.

5/5/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Finished putting down the plywood floor.  Yeah!

5/12/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Made frames for windows, and cut 2x4's for frame of first wall.  Hauled all that up to the tree house.

5/19/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana) (some help from Dad\Carl and Pat)
Had a slight change in plans for the wall, bought 4x4's and cut them to 6' length. Cut 2x4's for rest of frame to 6' length
Hauled the new pieces up to the tree house and put the wall frame together.

5/27/2002 (Hannah, Aunt Dana and Pat)
Hannah and Dana cut and nailed in place the rest of the studs for the first wall frame. Unfortunately it started to rain so they had to stop.  Since it was raining they decided this would be a good time to start cleaning up the windows.  Hannah and Dana hauled the windows up to Dana's garage where they scraped the the loose caulk and paint off of the windows, while Pat took off the hinges and cleaned them up.  Hannah also sanded the windows to prepare them for painting.

5/29/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Started putting siding on first wall.  Got about half way through before dark.

5/31/2002  (Hanna and Aunt Dana)
Almost finished putting siding on first wall, just a few more pieces to go.

6/4/2002  (Hanna and Aunt Dana)
Finished putting the siding on the first wall.  Yeah!

6/9/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we secured the first wall in its proper place (with a little help from Mom\Denise).  Then we went to Home Depot to get a broom, some more nails, screws, hinges for the trap door, and handles.  We then built another window frame at Dana's house then took it to the tree house.  Cut the 2x4's for the next wall frame and put most of the frame together.

6/23/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we secured the second wall frame in its proper place. Cut out the trap door, attached a handle and then connected it to the tree house with hinges.

6/28/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we put most of the cedar siding on the second wall.

6/29/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we built another window frame and finished the cedar siding on the second wall.

7/6/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we build the frame for the 3rd wall and put it in place.

7/7/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we put all the siding on the 3rd wall.  Three down one to go!

7/21/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Built two more window frames for the final wall.

8/1/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
The weather has been really really hot.  Too hot to do much of anything.  However, today after Dana got home from work, we measured and cut the 2x4's and 4x4 for the last wall frame.  Got done just as it decided to pour rain!  Although we were a little disappointed about the rain we were glad to see it as we definitely need it.

8/3/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Attached a 2x4 on each window frame then carried the window frames, and the rest of the wood for the wall frames up to the tree house.  Fastened both window frames to the 4x4 then called it a day as it was getting pretty hot.

8/4/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Cut and attached a 2x4 to the top of the windows to make the wall frame.  Then attached two more 2x4's at either end for the end wall studs.  Turned wall upside down and attached the bottom 2x4's to complete the basic wall frame.  Next time out we will cut and attach the wall studs for under the window frame, then flip the whole wall right side up and set it in place.

8/17/2002  (Hannah, Aunt Dana, Dad \Carl, and Rosie)
Hannah and Dana cut and attach the wall studs for under the window frames, then attempted to flip the whole wall right side up and set it in place.  Well we needed to tie a rope on the bottom side of the wall but we couldn't lift it so we decided to first hoist it up a bit with the block and tackle system then slip a board underneath so we could fix the rope.  Well when went to hoist up the wall the bailing twine attached to the pulley broke and the wall flipped off the tree house platform!  Luckily it landed right side up and nothing broke.  We then got some stronger bailing twine and attached the block and tackle system to the wall.  At this point we asked Dad\Carl to help us pull the wall back up on the platform.  Rosie was there as well and took some pictures of us.   We then secured the wall in place and called it a day.  Whew!

8/18/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Today we finished up securing the fourth wall and then started to put on the cedar siding.  Managed to get four lengths of siding across the wall before calling it a day.

8/21/2002  (Uncle Rick, Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Uncle Rick came up to the tree house and we discussed what we were going to do about the roof.  Then Hannah and Dana continued putting on the cedar siding on the fourth and final wall.

8/22/2002  (Aunt Dana and Pat) (Hannah and Uncle Rick)
Dana and Pat added diagonal braces to the inside of the walls to help secure the wall and keep it straight.
Hannah and Uncle Rick made a model of what we hope to build for the roof.

8/24/2002  (Hannah, Uncle Rick and Dad\Carl)
First we went to Home Depot and purchased the wood and nails we would need to start putting on the roof.  Then when we got home we started cutting rafters and putting them in place.

8/25/2002  (Hannah and Uncle Rick)
Today we attached the studs for the gable ends and put a piece of plywood on each gable end.

8/26/2002  (Hannah, Uncle Rick, Aunt Dana)
Hannah and Rick attached the siding on the gable ends and also some trim.  Dana handed up tools, and wood, and took pictures.

8/31/2002 (Hannah, Uncle Rick, Aunt Dana, Rosie)
Dana and Hannah handed up the plywood for the roof to Rick and then Hannah and Rick attached it to the roof rafters.  Dana cut out the holes in the plywood to make them fit around the trees.  Hannah and Rick applied the tar paper.  Dana cleaned up the area under the tree house and took pictures.  Rosie was there for awhile and took some pictures also.

9/2/2002  (Hannah, Uncle Rick, Aunt Dana)
Happy Birthday Uncle Rick!
First we finished the trim around the outside of the roof.  Then Hannah and Dana attached the shingles to one side of the roof while Uncle Rick did the other side.  4 hours later... the roof is all done.  Yeah!

9/7/2002  (Hannah and Dad\Carl)
Today we cleaned up all the left over wood under the Tree House and carried it back down the hill to the shed.

9/8/2002  (Hannah and Dana)
First Mom\Denise, Rosie, and Hannah all had breakfast in the tree house.  Then Hannah and Dana finished putting the cedar siding on the last wall.  Just a few more odds and ends to do and the outside will be finished.  Next up; screens and windows.

9/15/2002   (Hannah, Uncle Rick, Aunt Dana)
First Dana and Hannah went up to the tree house and measured all the windows.  Then they went to Uncle Rick's and worked on making the screens.  Managed to get one done and took it back to the tree house to see how it would look in the window frame.

10/13/2002  (Hannah, Uncle Rick, Aunt Dana and Pat)
Finished building the rest of the window screens over at Uncle Rick's workshop.  We set up in production style and it only took about two hours to build 5 screens.  Uncle Rick worked the saw and the staple gun, Dana and Hannah did the measuring, Pat, Dana and Hannah worked the nail gun, and Hannah worked the hammer.  Took all the screens back to the Tree House.

10/27/2002   (Hannah, Aunt Dana and Pat)
Today we scraped all the old caulking off the windows, and also did some sanding.

11/6/2002  (Aunt Dana and Pat)
Finished removing the old caulk and sanded the windows

11/17/2002  (Aunt Dana and Pat)
Removed old paint from hinges, and started to remove rust.

11/18th-19th-21st/2002 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
For a couple of hours every night we caulked\glazed the windows.  Also worked on removing rust from hinges.

11/23/2002  (Dana and Pat)
Bought replacement windows for the ones that where missing and installed them in the window frames.

11/26/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana and Pat)
Went to the Home Depot store to buy paint, and painting supplies for windows.  We decided to paint the windows two different colors....

11/27/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Taped up the windows and started painting the primer coat.

12/1/2002  (Hannah, Aunt Doreen, and Aunt Dana)
Painted the first coat of the first color (red) on all the windows.  Thanks for your help Aunt Doreen!

12/7/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Painted the first coat of the second color (blue) on all the windows.

3/16/2002  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
What a winter!  So much snow.  Today the weather was unusually warm... 65 degrees!  Couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out and work a little on the Tree House.  We found the beginnings of a bird nest between the roof rafters and window sill so we decided to temporarily put the screen windows in to hopefully keep out the birds.   It's still a little to slippery to safely carry the windows up to the Tree House.

4/6/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Carried the windows up to the tree house today.  Set them in place of the screens to see what they would look like in the windows, but did not install them yet.  However we did install the pull handle for the trap door, and two handles on either tree trunk to aid in pulling one's self into the tree house.  We noticed a bolt in the roof rafter that may have come loose over the winter and plan on fixing that ASAP.  We also found another bird's nest and figured that this was a smaller bird... maybe a nut hatch (related to the wood pecker) that walks up and down trees, so maybe she walked up the tree, into the tree house through the gap around the tree trunk. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

4/13/2003 (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Attempted to install one of the windows today.  Unfortunatley, we didn't quite get it right and decided to come back and try it again another day.  The bird nest that we found last week now has four eggs in it.

4/20/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Our second attempt at installing the first window was a success, however we ran into some difficulty on the second window.  There was a nail right where we needed to put one of the screws for the hinge.  We tried to work around it but ended up about 1/16 on an inch off and the window wouldn't fit correctly.  Decided to call it a day and try again next weekend.  We also think we saw the bird who was building the nest, and it turned out to be a Carolina Ren.

4/25/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Managed to get the second and third window installed today.  Hannah thinks we have a curse because every time we start a new window, we end up 1/16th of an inch off and have to reset it.  It always seems to take us two tries to get it right.... I am sure we will get better at it with more experience... three more windows to go!

5/4/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Two more windows installed.  We may have broken our curse as both windows went in perfectly (knock wood). The two windows installed today are the ones facing the road and Dana had to get an extension ladder (about 20 feet high) in order to reach the windows on the outside.  These windows also swing out and up, unlike all the other windows which swing out and down. One window to go....

5/18/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
A few days ago Hannah was up in the treehouse checking on the Carolina Ren's... When she looked into the nest, some of the baby's flew out and almost hit her in the head....
Today we put in the last window.  We had to modify this window a little to make if fit, so we took the window back to Dana's house and Pat helped us trim the window.  After the window was installed we went to Home Depot to get the wood for the window stops.

8/9/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
We started putting in the window stops and it started to rain... but hey we were working inside the treehouse so we weren't getting wet, so........ we kept working untill we ran out of building materials... Got two windows trimmed.

8/10/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana)
Finished putting the window stops in the last four windows.  Only took about an hour as we had a good system going.. Hannah would measure the window while Dana setup the board to be cut, then Dana held the board while Hannah measured and cut the board.  Dana would hold the board in place while Hannah put two nails in, then while Hannah finished nailing the board, Dana would setup the next one to be cut.... etc, etc, etc... Great Team Work!
Put all the screens in the windows and made a plan for how to latch the windows and how to prop open the two windows that open up.

10/26/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana and Pat)
There where four windows that would not close properly, probably due to the shifting and settling of the tree house, so Pat helped us take the 4 windows down, and then he trimmed them so they would fit in the window frame. After the windows where re-installed, we went back to the house to make spacers for the latches. Pat cut the wood to size and then Hannah marked and drilled pilot holes for the screws. Back at the Tree House, Hannah and Dana managed to get one latch in place so that the window would stay closed. We are Hoping to finish the other 5 latches before the first snow!

11/15/2003  (Hannah and Aunt Dana and Pat)
Pat came up to the Tree House to see our handy work with the first latch. We didn't like the way the first latch turned out and wanted his help in getting things lined up correctly. He suggested putting two latches on either side of the window, instead of putting one latch in the middle of the window. We agreed to give it a try. So Pat told Hannah what to do, and Dana helped to keep a steady pace going by handing tools and materials to Hannah as she needed them. We had originaly only purchased 4 latches so we had to go back to Home Depot and buy 8 more latches. We then Had lunch and then made the spacers for latches. Back at the Tree House we managed to get all 8 latches installed! Yeah! All six windows can now be shut and locked in place.