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Updated 11/17/2003
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Tree House Statistics
Future Plans
Journal update
Many Thanks to...
Interesting Tree House Links
Picture Links:
1: Beginning of tree house and bridge
2: Hannah attaching Joist Hangers
3: Hannah and Pat attaching the first two floor joists
4: Hannah and Dana hoisting up the outer joist
5: Pat placing remaining joists in place
6: Finished floor foundation
7: Diagonal braces top and bottom view
8: Hannah and Nina attaching Plywood floor
9: Completed floor and beginning of wall frame
10: Completed Wall frame
11: Wall frame with Cedar Siding
12: First wall in place and beginning of second wall frame
13: Second wall frame and trap door
14: Second wall with cedar siding
15: Finishing up the cedar siding on second wall
16: Building a window frame
17: Third wall frame
18: Third wall with siding
19: Beginning of Fourth wall frame
20: Fourth wall frame completed and in place
21: Fourth wall frame with some Cedar Siding
22: Forth wall frame with more Cedar siding and
23: Diagonal braces
24: Roof Rafters
25: Studs, plywood, Siding and trim to gable ends
26: Roofing....
27: Applying the Shingles
28: Finished the cedar siding on last wall
29: Making window screens
30: Preparing and Painting Windows
31: Installing Windows - birds nest

Tree Houses : You Can Actually Build 

By: Stiles, David R. Weekend Project Book Series

Contains plans and ideas on how to build a treefort, plus safety tips, tools needed, etc.

Treehouses : The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb

By: Peter Nelson, David Larkin (Editor), Paul Rocheleau (Photographer)

Contains stories of other peoples treeforts and many pictures of some elaborate tree houses.

Tree House Statistics:
Platform area size 8 foot wide by 12 foot long.
Heighth up from the base of tree to the floor of the platform approx 8.5 feet.
Bottom floor supports are 2x8's attached to tree with Lag bolts
Platform floor joists are 2x8's attached using joist hangers, hurricane hangers, and screws.
Latter is 2x4's attached to tree with Lag bolts
Walls are 6 foot high made with 4x4 posts and 2x4's with Cedar siding.
Window frames made with 2x6's
Current total time working on Tree House:  Approx 100 hours.

Hannah's Uncle Rick, has supplied most of the wood.  He brings it home from the construction sites he works at.  Most of the wood is left overs or scrap pieces and sometimes has nails in them that Hannah removes.  Most of the floor joists where found at the barn.

Future plans:
~ To save on space, we are thinking about building tables that would be attached to the wall just under the window sill, that could be out up and down as needed.
~ Although we have access to some plastic lawn chairs, we are thinking of building some stools....
~ We are thinking about rigging up a pully system with a basket that would reach from the tree house to the house, so that Hannah could send the basket down to the house with a note requesting stuff like food or drinks in which Denise would then fill the order and send the basket back to the tree house.  A bell would be rung at either end to let the person know that the basket is there and in need of attention.

Thanks To...
~ Pat for helping with the floor foundation and for letting us use his tools
~ Uncle Rick for letting us "dumpster dive" at his job sites for scraps of wood and for being our main supplier of lumber.
~ Uncle Rick for helping us design and build the roof
~ Joe Scott, for finding and aquiring the lumber for the bridge.
~ Tim for donating the lumber he tore out of his house during his renovation
~ Rosie for taking pictures
~ Dad (Carl) for helping to carry stuff up to the tree house and for cutting down the little tree, and helping with the last wall and the roof
~ Mom (Denise) for her moral support and letting use the windows in the shed.
~ Aunt Doreen for helping us paint the windows.
~ And thanks to everyone for their support.